Sun, Sep 5 2004 - Several trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:James L. Kuro, Stephanie Branson, Matthew Ramarge, Alison Turkus, Paul Burns, Emily Bielawski, Rohit Ogra, Kiran Puttaswamy, John Robertson, Catherine Koconis, Christy Grams, Shari Shanklin, Shan-Ming Chiu, Liz Hemming, Marva Elizabeth Hampton, Mary Hughes Frye, Bruce

Write Up:
After losing only a few at the Thornton Road park and ride, we carpooled to the Sweetwater Creek State Park. Since no one brought dogs on this dogs allowed event I filled in briefly as the dog (barking just a little), riding in the back of John’s generously large van, which transported six of the group. We met several people who decided to meet at the park including Rhys Glore. Rhys, knew much about the park, being a local resident in Lithia Springs ncluding historical things like where the still was located and other interesting details, many years previous to my park exposure. Thanks to him for the history. The weather in the morning was comfortable and remained so for much of the day only getting a little warm and ‘sticky’ towards the end of the days adventure on the yellow trail, across Sweetwater Creek. This was a good social group as so many times happen, who had much to exchange in conversation on beginning the hike on the ‘white’ trail’s superhighway-wide roads. Later the trail turned smaller and more backwoodsy close to the turtle pond and woods past that, following the small creek coming from the pond. As we rounded the corner, and turned left from those woods, Sweetwaters’ wide creek bed spread out before us on the next more rocky portion of the hike along The State Park’s namesake creek. We arrived at the overlook to Sweetwater ‘Falls’, some rather large scenic cascades on the creek, just past the intersection with the ‘Blue’ trail; and had a nice sitdown lunch and conversation break on the rocks above the deck overlooking the falls. After some twenty minutes and Maria taking some good group shots at our break spot, we moved on to the historical ruins on the ‘Red’ trail. Rhys and the literature on the storyboard there filled us in on interesting historical details, which many read. After hanging at the mill for a while, and several more good pictures by Maria, we left for the final walk up to the parking area.

There, we lost of couple of people who needed to get back a little earlier, but most of us decided we had the energy and will to do the ‘Yellow’ trail, after a needed restroom and refill water break. The term (‘it’s all downhill from here’) was heard by many, quoted by the leader and overused in this lighthearted deception, known to many that know me well by now. The deception was quickly revealed on crossing the big military ‘mobile’Iron Bridge across Sweetwater Creek. The yellow trail is a good moderate uphill for about a mile, before turning sharply and decidedly downhill, returning to creek level and following the creek back to the Iron Bridge. Many were low on water and energy, after the warmer workout on the yellow trail, as we returned to our cars and many had to leave for other commitments. Eight of us decided to dine together at Ruby Tuesdays restaurant whose name was misquoted, as another restaurant, by myself; but happily the three lost sheep all joined the un-lost five, and made it to the restaurant despite this mistake. Thanks to all in the group for another fun event, and great day hiking.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Maria Locatelli