Thu, Mar 31 2022 - NEW TIME!! Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike NOON! - After the Rain!! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Gerrilyn, SusanF, Holt Ward, Joyce T., Memphis Russ, Drew W, Dawn B, Dave S, Steve F, regina k, Tracy, Mike C

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Write Up:

Because of the uncertain weather this morning, we changed the time of the hike from 10 am to 12 pm. It meant that some of our folks had to withdraw their registration, but a couple of members added on, putting us with a total of 12 for the hike.

The trail was a bit wet in places, but not terrible. We skipped the warm-up hill and the pond, but completed the whole lollipop loop and then added a little distance at the end to intersect the renegades as they began their 2 pm hike. It's always nice to see that group of guys.

Pine pollen is becoming evident as are so many of the spring plants that are blossoming throughout the park. Most of us have added an anti-histamine to our daily supplements to help fight the itchy eyes and sniffles. ~ Joyce