Mon, Apr 4 2022 - Monday Morning at West Palisades from Akers Mill Road Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Lee W, Drew W, Marie-Felixe, Dawn B, Barbara L., Dolores H, Mildred, Lyn S, David DeLorme, Paula Wang, Foster, Mike C, Gloria Colley, Barry

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Write Up:

Today was my third day hiking at West Palisades, but the route was different, and the people were different (except for Foster, Mike and Marie-Felixe), so it was a whole different hike from the others. We first visited the beach and then went down the rutted trail to the asphalt path at Rottenwood Creek. We circled around, went back up the hill, and ventured down Holt's trail almost to the river before finishing our hike at noon.

We were grateful to have another day of beautiful weather before Tuesday's rains come. Another great hike for the record books. Lee, thanks for your excellent photo additions today! ~ Joyce