Fri, May 13 2022 - Environmental & 24 Gun Trail Hike - KMNBP (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Lisa Kim, Mahkada Jackson, Marianna, James H., Patty B, Roger Berkow

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Write Up:

The temperature was in the low 70’s when we started, we did introductions at the end of the Overflow Parking Lot. We hiked to the Visitor Center, over to the picnic area and the Environmental Trail head. We hiked the Environmental Trail in a clockwise direction, turned left on the 24 Gun Trail. We followed the 24 Gun Trail to Gilbert Road and turned around until we came to the Environmental Trail. From there we returned to the Visitor Center parking lot and the overflow parking lot. This was the first time must of group had hiked these trails. I stopped periodically to explain the history of this part of the park.

A special thanks to Mahkada for joining us on her first hike, Lisa for her third, and Patty and Roger for joining us on their sixth hike.