Sat, Jun 18 2022 - Double Dam :: Buford Dam to Morgan Falls Dam (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, William S., Abby Cook

Write Up:

A great day on the water with about 728,367 of your closest river friends....WOW was the river busy Saturday! The heat was on and the water was cold (at least when I went for a dip south of Jones Bridge park). We nailed a 2nd place effort (compared to the other 4 times we've done this) so that was satisfying. Abby - a brand new AOC'er - joined just to fulfill a bucketlist paddle...and hopefully we will see her on future events. Willam slayed it as always (he logged over 70 miles just this week!). All in all - We all vowed that this is best at high flows & winter - it's just too busy and that made us make some edits in our lines that were just frustrating...but we still had some flow from the rain the day before that assisted us ever so slightly, and we all had a blast completing such a feat! Congrats y'all - SYOTR!