Mon, May 16 2022 - Monday Morning - Hyde Farm to Johnson Ferry North (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Holt Ward, Barry Polon, Drew W, Dawn B, Gerrilyn, Laura M, Dan C, George B, robin e m, Jennifer W, mike hirschmann, Allan, Karen, Dan R

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Write Up:

Today's hike was truly exceptional. We had everything! To begin, it was Barry's 100th AOC event! We were so happy to help him celebrate the day. Next, we had two new members to meet and welcome to our group: Laura (on her 11th event) and George (on his firstAOC event).
Another fortuitous event was our coming upon an actual snapping turtle on the trail - - a large one! A final, rather UN-fortuitous event was my hitting my head on a branch resulting in a fall into a wet, muddy patch of trail. I was a muddy mess! (Much appreciation to Gerrilyn for her handkerchief, to Jennifer for the wipes, and to Holt for the sanitizer to put on a minor cut on my hand.) An interesting result of my fall was my Apple watch's alert, telling me it appeared I fell, and asking if I needed help! How sweet!

The hike was a great success thanks to Holt's plan for the route, which took us first to the Morgan Falls Dam (the part open to the sun) and last, along Mulberry Creek back to the farm (the cooler, more scenic area).

Barry has a wonderfully supportive group of friends - - all thanks to the AOC. Congratulations, Barry! ~ Joyce