Mon, May 30 2022 - Monday Morning at Vickery Creek - Groveway Park Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Drew W, Memphis Russ, Dolores H, Shirley W, Barbara, Lee W, Jon D., Sue M., Mildred, Brian S, Doug, JOYCE S., Gloria Colley, Robin B

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Write Up:

What a grand day of celebration we had today! We all sported American flag bandanas to honor our veterans, two of whom were with us today - - Russ S. (Air Force) and Doug H. (Army). Thank you for your service, and thanks to all the veterans who have proudly served our country.

To make the day extra special, it was Dolores's 100th AOC - - which she accomplished in less than one year. She loved the club from her first day, and she quickly became a regular with a host of friends!

We had some excitement on the trail: two dog bites on one event! The bites weren't significant, but they were enough to remind us to steer clear of dogs on the trail unless the owners specifically tell us they're friendly. Shirley got nipped on the thigh by a bulldog just for passing too close; Russ got his hand nibbled as he petted a large French breed. Neither bite drew blood, so there was no need for concern.

We saw a baby rat snake on the trail, and we even caught sight of Bleau at the Oxbo dam, though we couldn't get a good shot of him from the sidewalk.

An exciting highlight to the hike was meeting the Renegades on the trail! They were in full force today, with just Barry P. missing.

After the hike, folks stuck around for some cold watermelon plus some delicious Cinnabon rolls that Dolores brought and a whole gallon of lemonade that we made quick work of! (Thanks for the rolls and lemonade, Dolores!) ~ Joyce