Wed, Jun 15 2022 - Piedmont Park Evening Hike + Optional free outdoor Atlanta Symphony Concert featuring favorites by great French Composers (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Joyce T.
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Joyce T., Tom, Amy, Angella, David DeLorme, Gerrilyn

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Write Up:

We were sooooo lucky tonight! We were prepared to suffer through high-90s record heat and even possible thunderstorms, but thankfully neither happened. As we walked from our cars to the beautiful Oak Hill lawn to stake out space for the concert we heard thunder in the distance.  Clouds began to shade the park from heat of the sun, and miraculously not a drop of rain fell all evening!

Having been among the first to set up our chairs & blankets for the concert, we had "front-row" seating with great acoustics right behind the VIP seats.  About an hour prior to the concert we took off on foot to explore the "wilder side of Piedmont Park" which worked out well - a nice little 2-mile jaunt with much to see.  Then between 7:30 and 9 PM we and the hundreds of other festive attendees of all ages enjoyed the concert at a relatively cool 87 degrees.

Charlie brought sparklers for us to wave during the traditional encore, "Stars and Stripes Forever," but we waved them instead to a rousing "Can-Can" finale.  The orchestra chose it as an appropriate final touch to their amazing "Paris to Piedmont" French favorites program.  Charlie & Gerrilyn got a "kick" out of doing a chorus line style dance to the number.

It was fun welcoming newly active member Angella to our fine Club. This was just her second AOC event, her first being a tough D5 "pre-backpacking" trek from Amicalola Falls up to the Hike Inn & back.  She's certainly in excellent shape for hiking!

It was a fine night of a little exercise and some fine music.
~ Joyce

p.s. from Charlie:
Click "Photo Album" above to enjoy Joyce's many colorful photos of our hike and of the concert.
Many thanks to her for adding so much to this memorable experience as our event co-leader.
We AOCers all love you, Joyce. - Can't tell you enough how much we appreciate the countless things you do, including sharing your delicious homemade brownies!