Mon, Jun 13 2022 - Monday Morning at Roswell Area Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Shirley W, Lee W, David DeLorme, Drew W, Marie-Felixe, Gerrilyn, Trevor W, SusanF

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Write Up:

Our hike today was a little short (only 4 miles), but we went at an initial fast pace and worked up an early morning sweat.

We were surprised at the dismal condition of the pond! A water leak in the drain pipe cause the water to drain out, and though the leak is fixed, the pond won't fill until we get some rain.

Everyone in our group grabbed a piece of workout equipment as we passed the entrance for the second time, making for some entertaining photos. I love it when we have such good sports on a hike.

Lee added some nice photos to the album.

In case anyone doubted that Drew could really have an attractive wife, we had the proof today as Trevor used her day off work to join us. ~ Joyce