Fri, Jul 1 2022 - Noses Creek, New Salem Church Trails Plus 0f 22 for 22 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Drew W, Davida, Shirley W, Lee W, Bette, Dolores H, Joyce T., Marie-Felixe, Joseph, Allan

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Write Up:

Mike C. made a wise decision. This event was to be his first hike for the 22-mile Kennesaw challenge, but he woke up sick. Rather than cancel the event, he asked me to take over the hike for him, which I was happy to do. His itinerary clearly described the route, and with Allan's guidance, we covered all the trails and finished right at 2.5 hours. Our mileage was over the 6 miles listed, but it wasn't by much.

We had a great hike, and finished just before the rain began to fall. Some of the trails were new to just about all of us (except for Allan, who does solo hikes at Kennesaw several times a week).

We saw deer twice during our hike, but they were too fast for us to photograph; however, we did get a nice picture of a spider crossing the trail.

Thanks to Lee for his additions to this album, and for Drew, whose GPS tracking was used at the end. ~ Joyce