Wed, Jul 27 2022 - Vickery Creek Quick Step v7.2 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, William S., Val G, Stacey Schoppenhorst, Alia, Doug N, Aaron, Eric

Write Up:

It wasn't the quickest Vickery Creek QuickStep, but the 97° temps and ZERO breeze made it feel harder than it major kudos to the 7 amazing AOC'ers that joined me! We even had the opportunity to break in 2 new QuickSteppers (Aaron and Stacey) to the fold. We cleared the trails with 7.4 miles in 2h10m (10 minutes was devoted to me dismantling a bunch of rock carins, #LNTMF!!) so I'm sure we would have set records with today's pace...but the grumpy old man was in rare form. 
Until next time - CHEERS!