Sun, Jan 31 2010 - Kennesaw Mountain Morning Fitness Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Stefan, Danny
Participants:Danny, Kathy Malone, Sina, Warren, Duane B, Stefan, David, Marshall, Amy, Mark S., Elizabeth, Jessica G, Alison W., AtlantaMax

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Write Up:
We started out around 8:00 AM in 25F weather and a steady 8 mph northerly breeze that made it feel like 19 F.  That didn't matter much because we warmed up in just a few minutes on the ascent up Big Kennesaw.  Near the parking lot we entered into an area where ice covered all of the trees which was very nice.  We didn't stop until we crested Little Kennesaw.  I like to pause up there to let everyone sync up and to allow anyone running late to possibly catch up.  Not waiting long though, we pressed on to Burnt Hickory Road.  Stefan and several others decided to head straight back and do the 5 mile hike, while the rest of us pressed on to Noses's Creek and around the loop that ends up just west of Pigeon Hill.  There was a big hawk flying around us near Pigeon Hill.  Soon we were topping Pigeon Hill, climbing up Little Kennesaw, then up Big Kennesaw and back down to the visitor's center.

This was a very strong and fast group today.  It was a lot of fun hiking this morning with the temps going from the 20's to the 30's and the ice beginning to melt.  Also, the sun came out on the way back across, and it was nice how it lit up the trees with all of the ice on the branches.

Saw 1 deer and 1 hawk.