Thu, Aug 11 2022 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Suzanne, regina k, Tracy, SusanF, Drew W, Lee W, Neil, Jennifer W, David DeLorme, Chris J, David W., Mike C, Jon D., Dolores H

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Write Up:

Another great Thursday morning hike! We had a full house with a brand new member - - a young little thing, Chris, who we all adopted as our daughter/granddaughter. She fit in beautifully with her "elders" and just about came in first up the warm-up hill! However, an order but very competitive David W. put on a strong final sprint to take first place to the top today. (Welcome to the AOC and to our Thursday group, Chris!)

The trail showed signs of the recent rains, but conditions weren't bad. We kept a good pace and clocked in 5.8 miles according to Drew's All-Trails GPS.

Regina and Tracy brought smiles to our faces with frozen popsicle treats after the hike. They really went down well after our very humid, sweaty hike!

Four of us from the hike plus five of the renegades joined together for lunch at the NRT. What interesting conversation!

Thanks, Lee, for the photos you took today, which have been added to the album! ~ Joyce