Sat, Aug 27 2022 - Historic Roswell Guided Tour with a special guest ! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Sue M., Joyce T.
Participants:Sue M., Michael Hitt, Joyce T., Shirley W, Brandon C., Gloria Colley, Lee W, Inga, Sharon B, Rich A., Kristy N, David A, Robin B, Rebecca F

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Write Up:

Michael Hitt's memory of events, dates, locations, etc. is truly amazing. Without a single note to guide him, he was able to provide detailed information about everything connected to the Roswell Mill, the old mills, and the old Roswell Cemetery. Those who joined him at dinner following the tour, kept asking questions, so the poor man couldn't even take time to eat! (Thank goodness for take-out boxes.)

Unfortunately, the afternoon sun was hot and the air steamy, so that we all got uncomfortably hot even just standing and listening. Sue plans to post another guided tour with Michael once the weather cools down.

Thanks to Lee for the additional photos he took, which have been added to the album. ~ Joyce