Sun, Aug 14 2022 - Summertime Splendor at Frazier-Rowe Park & Coralwood Nature Preserve (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Karin, Patti R, Jenn L, Pina R, Theresa, Inga, David DeLorme, Lauri Fellman, Vicky G, Andrey K, Adel, Jim

Write Up:

The late afternoon weather was nice for our adventurous exploration of these two adjoining heavily wooded parks in DeKalb's shady Oak Grove community.  After introductions we enjoyed a variety of different scenic trails through both parks, beginning with a double loop through Frazier-Rowe's colorful entrance garden and continuing via a pretty creekside trail into the Coralwood Nature Preserve.  Along the way we paused often to discuss the colorful native flora & fauna - also admired the good job park "friends groups" are doing to maintain and expand the trail network and control aggressive "foreign intruder plants" - esp. English ivy, Chinese privet, Japanese kudzu and thorny elaeagnus.  We concluded the first hour of the hike with a visit to the panoramic high forest lookout point near the main trailhead - then enjoyed a ~1 mile sidewalk circuit of the adjoining shady Sagamore Hills neighborhood before returning to the cars via a final southerly loop through both parks.  It was fun getting to know Jenn and Inga, both who have only recently become active our fine Club  - also a pleasure to have Pina's small pooch and Vicky's huge friendly great dane rescue dog hike with us!  - Submitted by Charlie, Mon AM Aug. 15th