Sat, Sep 17 2022 - Historic Roswell Guided Tour with a special guest ! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Sue M., Joyce T.
Participants:Sue M., Michael Hitt, Brandon C., DavidV, Denise A, Donna Seymour, Rebecca F, Marina, Youri Smeshko, Robin B, Irina P, Liz, Alan Seitman, Joyce T.

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Write Up:

We had a truly grand tour of some of the historical houses in Roswell today, a day that also featured free access to the historical houses as well as a huge fair on the Square! We were just 14 people among hundreds in Roswell this morning.

Michael Hitt, a superb historian, spoke without notes, giving information on dates, names, places, and delightful stories about the places we visited today, including the Smith Plantation, the Academy, the Presbyterian Church, Barrington Hall, Mimosa House, Bulloch Hall, The Great Oaks event venue, the Pratt House, and the Brantley-Newton House. Michael debunked several of the long-accepted stories of ghosts in some of the buildings, and he painted a negative picture of Roswell King that surprised most of us! Additionally, he explained there was no hangman employed by the city of Roswell - - a long-accepted myth about one of the stores on Atlanta Road.

Michael had so much to say that our tour lasted three hours rather than two! Toward the end of the tour, several members broke off to take a free tour of the Mimosa House (Dunwody House) which was newly opened to the public.

Sue is planning one more tour featuring Michael. The next one will be along the Roswell river walk. These tours are a must for folks wanting a fascinating, accurate history of Roswell! ~ Joyce