Fri, Sep 30 2022 - Scenic Len Foote Lodge Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark
Participants:Mark, Chris J, Scott J, Marnita

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Write Up:

We had beautiful fall weather meant a great time. We also made good time and the group decided not to take extended breaks at the Len Foote and later for lunch so we finished about an hour early. Our small group decided to continue on the loop rather than retracing our steps. It was a good thing because otherwise, we would have missed seeing 2 bear cubs.

Here's the bear story..... Mark, our fearless trip leader was out front. We were hiking the trail that connects the Len Foote Hike inn to the AT Approach Trail. We were nearing the Approach Trail when there was a short yelp or bark and Mark spotted what he first took to be a large shaggy black dog charging toward him. He quickly realized it was a bear when it veered away from him, crossed the trail, and disappeared into the woods. Mark was starting to ask the others whether they had seen the bear when the sound of scraping wood and bark drew our attention to another bear plunging down the trunk of a large old tree that lay in the same direction from which the first bear had appeared. This bear reached the ground and ran away without crossing the trail. This was a large cub. After thinking about it a little, Mark decided that the first bear was also a cub, only a little larger. 

After a pause, the group continued down the trail in the direction that the 2nd bear cub had gone. Our eyes were pealed and we moved more slowly while talking and making noise. Sure enough, we encountered the 2nd bear cub again. It was pretty much on the trail. As soon as we appeared, it ran off for good.