Thu, Sep 29 2022 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Drew W, Pam Whiffen, regina k, Tracy, Suzanne, Dawn B, David DeLorme, Laura M, Belinda, Lee W, David W., Kian, Shelley

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Write Up:

The weather was beautiful, the group, all friendly vets, and things were going beautifully . . . until well into the hike, on the lollipop loop, Drew tripped on a root and got a significant "Drew-Boo" on his scalp. Drew insisted that he was okay, but those who saw the injury knew that he would definitely need stitches and perhaps a CT scan. 911 was called, and an ambulance and EMT personnel met us as we reached the end of the lollipop trail. Fortunately, Drew was able to hike the mile back! He was given first aid, his head was wrapped, and he was wheeled onto the ambulance for a ride to North Fulton Hospital. We were all deeply upset to see one of our own injured.

It must be noted that the trails today were strewn with leaves that made seeing obstacles (like roots and rocks) difficult. Since our pace was pretty fast, noting obstacles on the trail was even more difficult. Any one of us could easily have fallen. It's one of the risks we take when we hike.

I appreciate the help Tracy gave in making sure Drew was supported walking back to meet the EMTs; and I am grateful to David W., who ran over a mile ahead of the group to intercept the EMTs to make sure they knew where to meet our group. Furthermore, I'm thankful for the patience of all the members who stayed with Drew while he was being tended to.

We're all sending Drew our get-well wishes. We'll miss him on the trails while he heals! ~ Joyce