Wed, Oct 5 2022 - Vickery Creek Quick Step v6.2 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Stacey Schoppenhorst, Alia, William S., Sarah, Luis

Write Up:

Well I added a bit more "trail" to the trail run last night on accident...but there was no complaints! We could have used a torch or two once it started to get a lil darker, but it was allllll GOOD! We also welcomed in a brand new AOC'er (Luis) who slayed it in proper QuickStep fashion! WELCOME. It was great having some "regulars" out there too..Sarah, Alia, Stacey & William - outsatnding efforts on those crazy "RUN-UPS!"...and run down's and hey it's flat here, let's run! LOL Happy Belated Bday RUN!
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