Sun, Sep 12 2004 - Learn to Wakeboard and Waterski (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Patrick Barry
Participants:Will Krause, Patrick Barry

Write Up:
On a sunny Sunday afternoon a few members of the AOC headed to Lake Allatoona for the “learn to ski and wakeboard” event. Exhilarating best describes how everyone felt after getting out of the water, cutting outside of the wake and skiing for the very first time. A few people were brave enough to drop one ski and slalom. After taking turns skiing next up was wakeboarding. People wondered why shaving cream was on the boat and once they used it to easily slip into the bindings - they knew! Similar to snowboarding, the members liked how you could turn the board to cut towards the wake and get some air. Nobody landed any flips, but a few many people cut into the wake and got some big air!
Written By: Patrick Barry
Photos From: none