Sun, Oct 23 2022 - Sunday at Sweetwater (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana
Participants:Diana, Mike A, Luz Maria, Bob D., Nancy H, Allan, Belinda, Maureen Lomenick, Rick Mora, Joanna B, Ray R, Tom Jarosz (Juh' rose), Tom, Gary 'L', Gerrilyn

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Write Up:

Thank you all for joining me this morning at Sweetwater Creek State Park - most of you had been there before but for those that hadn't I hope you return.  Best after heavy rains as the creek fills up and is raging (today it was very meek and mild).  I got various reports of length of hike - 9.2 mile, 9.4 mile, 9.5 mile, 9.7 mile (I'm going to officially round it up to 10 miles).  Someone asked if it wasn't really a D4 but I checked AOC guidelines and it falls into the D3 catergory (sorry).  Diana made a wrong turn and headed the wrong direction on the Brown Trail which lead to the hike going over by 30 min.  Sorry aabout that.  I think everybody got a decent workout this morning.