Thu, Nov 10 2022 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Drew W, George B, SusanF, Memphis Russ, Karen, Dawn B, Lyn S, David DeLorme, Kian, Gerrilyn, Steve F, Suzanne, Belinda, Bette

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Write Up:

Welcome back Drew!! How happy we were to have Drew back with us after several weeks of recovery from his unfortunate fall on the lollipop trail that left him with a serious scalp laceration, a cracked rib, and a concussion! He was able to show us the place on the loop where he fell . . . and we're consecrating that section of trail as Drew's Dive. (We have two other places we've given names to because of past slips: Fix's Fall and Schick Bridge.)

We had weather luck with us today, getting our hike completed before the rains came from Nicole. We had some rather strong breezes, but they were very welcomed as we warmed up from our hiking.

The Thursday morning hikers are such a wonderful group. We really enjoy seeing each other and catching up on our lives. We are like family, though we're always happy to welcome new members.

Thanks to Kian for taking some extra photos for the album. ~ Joyce