Tue, Feb 16 2010 - Camping and Hiking at Cloudland Canyon (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Larry Cooper
Participants:Alan Stephens, Andrew, Tony C, Larry Cooper, Masha, Boris

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Write Up:
It was a cold winter night. Actually is was a 3 dog night and we only had 2 dogs so keeping warm was a challenge. Arrived several hours before sunset so we had a nice fire going before dark. For a treat we roasted marshmellows to make smores. The marshmellow couldn't melt our chocolate squares whcih were frozen at 20 degrees and hard as a rock. Still tasted good though. Masha and Boris were the only ones brave enough to pitch a tent on 4 inches of snow and were also the only ones to get a good nights sleep. The next morning we were off hiking bright and early. The going was very slow as the trail was covered in ice and snow and slippery. Especially the granite steps. Lots of GREAT photo ops. Cloudland Canyon is said to have the best views in the state. We agreed. Andrew learned first hand how slippery ice is and how hard granite is all in a split second. He'll be fine in a week or so. The waterfalls were magnificient with the water rushing over tons of ice cicles as it cascaded in to the pools below. Tony and Masha wanted to swim but it was just too cold. The sun came out and the day warmed up to a balmly 35 degrees by mid afternoon as we enjoyed a senic hike of about 9 miles. Only loss was Tony's trekking pole went over the side as he sliped and reached to grab the hand rail.
Great trip. We'll be back.