Mon, Dec 12 2022 - Roswells Vickery Creek, Covered Bridge, Bleau Family & Old Mill Waterfall (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Inga, Joyce T., George B, Dawn B, Mahsheed K., Lynda R., ZZ, Julie McC, Gary Battles, Richard Sims, Gary 'L', Paula Wang, Justin

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Write Up:

The rain cleared out for us just in time for our hike this morning, though it left the trails wet and slick in places. It also left the dam water raging, which is always an exciting sight to see.

Russ took photos of everyone who had not been seen through the magic tree, plus lots of other photos during the first half hour of our hike. Then, it was lickety-split for the next hour and a half so that we were able to get in 5.4 miles in our two hours.

Sadly, Russ lost more than his 10% allotment of members today, but everyone managed to make it safely back to the parking lot.

It was nice to meet Gary B. on today's hike - - his very first AOC event! ~ Joyce