Sat, Dec 10 2022 - Sweetwater Y-Bl-O-R-W-G-Br-W Sampler (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allen D
Participants:Allen D, Allan, Ann, Lynda R., ZZ, Brian K., Jason O, Nicole Crimm, Greg Walling, Julia, Risa, Nancy D, Ray R

Write Up:

Hello Folks,

We had a great tour of Sweetwater Creek on Saturday, and at least touched all trail colors, including Green, plus a couple with no colors to the secret pond and wrecked cars. Welcome to Brian on his first AOC event, and too bad Amanda couldn't join us. Julia and Ray are pretty new, and she got to try her hand at trail finding through the leaves as well as tumbling (and dancing) practice, while Ray was forward scout to every intersection. Ray and Risa got some spontaneous wipe outs, and her form scored even better than his. Lynda and ZZ kept chugging, and Rufus dragged Ann the whole way. Thanks to Alan for the landmarks as always. It was great to meet Nancy and Nicole, and always good to see Jason and Greg Wahling.
The cleared land for warehouses next the Blue Trail was pretty shocking!!! And Why???
Our group photo is on the AOC Facebook page, so you can see it there, or I can send it to you individually (though I see that Nancy is not in it!) Sorry about that!
Keep on tumbling!
There is a group picture on the AOC Facebook page.  Let me know if you would like a copy sent directly to you.  
   (Sorry for the delayed writeup; it was sitting unsent for 2 days.)
       Keep on dancing in the woods,