Mon, Jan 2 2023 - Monday Morning at East Palisades - Indian Trail Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Shirley W, Lee W, Allan, Marie-Felixe, Gloria Colley, George B, Mtn Mike, Barry, Dan C, Jennifer W, Neil, Natalie R, Mike R

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Write Up:

Today's hike almost met with disaster. As I made my turn onto Indian Trail, Allan W. called me to tell me that the parking lot was completely full, with people still lined up to park. Twenty minutes before hiking time, and what to do! (What was I thinking to post a hike at East Palisades on a holiday when folks were off work??) Since I was already committed to drive into the park, I continued on and soon met up with a group of hikers (maybe 15+) who were hiking up the road to the lot! Maybe luck would be with us and they would soon be reaching the parking lot and leaving! Meanwhile, Allan decided to check out the Whitewater lot to see how parking was there. He called to say he got a parking space and there were still another couple of spots. The hikers started getting into their cars and leaving, which opened up some spaces for our members. Everyone but Dan C. and Frances got spaces to park. They both headed to Whitewater, where Dan was able to get a spot, but sadly Frances was not. Sadly, she decided to give up on today's hike.

With disaster averted, we were going to be able to hike! It was a special day for our new member, Natalie R. who was celebrating a milestone birthday with us! None of us had yet met Natalie and her husband Mike R., so it was fun to honor them today not only as newbies, but also as a birthday couple.

Lee created one of his special trackings today on his RELIVE! app - - which creates a sequential video of all his pictures and also adds a GPS tracking so that you can see where each pictures was taken. Here's Lee's link to today's hike on RELIVE! :

One more "happy birthday" to you, Natalie. And thanks to Lee for the pictures he added to this album. ~ Joyce