Thu, Jan 19 2023 - TIME CHANGE!!! Thursday Afternoon Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., SusanF, Lee W, Drew W, Richard Sims, Dolores H, Jeff Gimpel, DavidV, Lauri Fellman, Mike C, Mildred

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Write Up:

Centennial events are always special, but today's was EXTRA deserving of celebration. It was Susan F.'s 1,100th AOC event! Unfortunately, I had to change the time of the event from the morning to the afternoon to let the rain pass through, which caused several withdrawals; however, those that were able to make the hike certainly made up for the lack of numbers.

The trails were surprisingly free of mud, though not entirely. We covered 5.1 miles and then met the renegades in the parking lot for a celebration of Susan's achievement! (The renegades - - Larry, Dan C., Dan R., Steve S. Barry P., and Jeff W.) stopped their normal afternoon hike to join us for some refreshments.

Thanks to Lee for his photo contributions and his RELIVE app video. And another thanks to Steve F. for meeting us before the hike to take some great photos with his "good" camera.

This is Lee's ALIVE app:

Mike C. also took pictures which he's sharing with us in his album at:


~ Joyce