Thu, Jan 26 2023 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Drew W, George B, Mildred, Karen, Laurie M, Kian, SusanF, Belinda, Richard Sims, Barbara L., Lee W, Gary 'L', Memphis Russ, Jeff Gimpel, David W.

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Write Up:

We mixed things up a bit today, walking around the pond before heading to the warm-up hill. Much to the surprise of the group, we tackled the warm-up hill twice - - and David W. maintained his first-place record both times. We walked through the apartment complex and through the main section of the park, never getting to the lollipop trail at all.

It was very chilly as we started, which wasn't helped by the strong breeze. However, the sun eventually appeared and we were able to warm up through our efforts.

It was a great group of regulars today, and we had fun along the way. What great sports!

Thanks to Lee for the photos he added to the album. I think he was planning not to take any pictures, but he just couldn't resist once we were leaving the lounge deck at the apartments. ~ Joyce