Mon, Feb 6 2023 - Sunny Monday Midday Hike at Frazier-Rowe Park & Coralwood Nature Preserve (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Suzy McDonald, Lee W, Shirley W, Gloria Colley, Jonny, Katherine M, Dan C, Deb Greenwood, Claudia, Rocky M, Fred J, Huiling, Richard S.

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Write Up:

We felt blessed to have gotten together on such a warm "perfect 10" midwinter day to explore these two beautiful adjoining parks in DeKalb's Oak Grove community. The experience reminded us of how handy our AOC website is - truly a "gift that keeps on giving." I hadn't noticed until Sunday afternoon that Monday's forecast was looking great - then with just a few keystrokes managed to re-edit and re-post my Frazier-Rowe hike article from last summer.  Voila! - less than 24 hours later we 14 friendly AOC registrants were there at the Frazier-Rowe trailhead greeting one another and enjoying the fine weather and lovely surroundings together.  It was a treat to have new member Deb with us on just her 2nd AOC event. A Toronto native, she recently moved to Atlanta and discovered just last month how easy it is to join our fine Club and immediately begin enjoying our outings.
  After introductions we took a variety of scenic trails through both parks, beginning with a double loop through Frazier-Rowe's colorful entrance garden and continuing via the creekside trail into the Coralwood Nature Preserve.  Along the way we paused often to discuss the blooming daffodils, camellias & hyacinths and fascinating native tree species of all sizes and shapes  - also admired the good job the park's "friends" do as volunteers to maintain and expand the trail network and control aggressive foreign intruder plants - esp. English ivy, Chinese privet and thorny elaeagnus.
  Special thanks to Lee Wang for taking an assortment of photos and video-clips during the hike (unbeknownst to me!) and sharing them with us via a really cool app called "Relive." It automatically includes satellite-view zooms of our progress along the hike route and adds catchy music!  I attach below Lee's email to me below with its link enabling us to relive this event at our leisure.
  - Submitted by Charlie, Mon AM Feb 7th

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Hi Charlie, It’s a nice stroll in the park this afternoon. Here is the link to the Relive video I made for the hike. Hope you’d like it.  - Lee
For Lee's "Relive" Video and Still Shots:
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