Mon, Feb 13 2023 - Big Creek Greenway in the Winter (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Glenn A, Tom, Connie, Colin S, Sarah

Write Up:

With spring-like weather it sure is great being able to get out before sunset! We got a great ride in and celebrated with some Polish bakery delights!! Connie B (bless you!!!!) stopped at world-famous Grand Bakery in Larryville for a box of Kolachki cookies for a post-ride dessert!! The cop in the parking lot was suspect when he saw all the white powder all over our faces like a scene from Scarface...but he drove on...LOL!
Somehow I ended up with 28 miles...but it went by so quickly it hardly felt like a workout! Time for some strecthing and PowerPlate action so I don't lock up in the middle of the night - until Fat Tuesday...keep the rubber side DOWN!
Horhay ;) 


Kolachki Cookies



Sarah P.


tom connine

Tom chasing Connie back to the car for cookies!


monday night crew

We all got 2023 Calendars from Poland
(with gorgeous photos and recipes)