Sat, Feb 11 2023 - Iron Hill Lakeside Loop Trail at Red Top Mountain State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Dolores H, Joyce T., Gloria Colley, Kris, Lee W, Shirley W, Mildred, Brian S, Jay L, Mike R, Guanming, Gerrilyn, Teresa S.

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Write Up:

We did a restroom break and introductions at the Trading Post. From there we drove to the Iron Hill Trail Parking Lot. The first thing we noticed was that they are building and overflow parking lot that is not open. The second thing was that this trail is now a combination hiking and mountain biking trail. We proceeded in a clockwise direction while avoiding the bikers, taking the first spur trail we spent a few minutes on the shore. Continued to the spur trail that goes to the old camp grounds spending a lot of time on the shore enjoying the views, the water level was lower this year than I can remember from past years. Once again, we hiked to the short spur spent some time on the shore, headed back to the parking lot. When the event started I knew there was a chance of rain as the event ended. I checked the radar about two thirds through the hike. It showed rain coming toward us; thus I picked up the pace. At the end of the hike I looked again and did a print screen, posted on Facebook, we were surrounded with rain, yet we did not get a drop. WE COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER DAY TO HIKE.

Thanks to Guanming and Mike R for joining us on their fourth event.

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