Thu, Mar 9 2023 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Memphis Russ, Lee W, SusanF, Suzanne, Kian, Mildred, Belinda, Karen, Marina, Scott W, regina k, Tracy, George B, Jeff Gimpel

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Write Up:

We beat the rain this morning, which made me a very happy trip leader. The trails were dry and the group was exceptionally conversational. I love to see different people pair up in conversation. Even newbies like Scott quickly find themselves among an exceptionally friendly group of hikers, and soon become one of what feels like a real family. We get to know each other, and we really do care about each other. It'a an extraordinary benefit of the club.

David V. had a sister-group of hikers starting at the upper lot, and we were lucky to pass them twice on the trails. Friends meeting friends. It great that David offered the chance to hike at Island Ford to so many folks who weren't included on my hike.

Susan and George were first up the warmup hill today, and that we was with George going backward for a bit . . . something he picked up from Russ. We were excited to see a huge red-tailed hawk at the top of the warmup hill, thanks to Belinda's keen eyes. The hawk remained close in a tree, allowing us to take several photos of it. We had to leave while it still perched in the tree.

Kian got a great shot of the hawk and Lee took a bunch of photos, all of which are included in this album. ~ Joyce