Thu, Mar 16 2023 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Belinda, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., George B, Lee W, Laurie M, Dave S, Belinda, Allan S, Neil, Linda L, Dan C, Marina, ZZ, regina k, Tracy, Jeff Gimpel

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Write Up:

We had a celebration hike befitting Jeff's 500th AOC event. The weather was perfect, everyone showed up on time, a group of renegades came before the hike to take photos with Jeff and congratulate him, Steve F. showed up with his super-duper camera to take shots of the group (included in this album), and we had a fine hike with Belinda and me sharing the lead. To top off the celebration, goodies were brought by Regina and Tracy (homemade hummus & veggies), Neil (chocolate and vanilla cupcakes), ZZ (Fig Newtons), and even Jeff, who brought donuts and water to his own party! We hung around the festive table (brought by Dan R.) for a half-hour after the hike, eating, talking, and just enjoying the afternoon.

Belinda and Allan S. shared the first-place honor of making it to the top of the warm-up hill. Well done, you two!

Laurie's eagle-eyes spotted a hawk as we took a water break, which held up the group for several minutes while we took pictures and followed it to three landing sites.

Lee took lots of photos during the hike, some of which he added to this album. All of his photos can be seen on the RELIVE app video he made. Check it out at:

Steve F. took some great photos before the hike with his "good" camera!  Here's the link to Steve's photos:

Thanks to all for making Jeff's centennial event a very special one. ~ Joyce