Tue, Mar 21 2023 - Panther Creek Falls Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Joyce T., Mike A, Gloria Colley, Marina, George B, Joseph

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Write Up:

The weather was in the high 30s when we started. Once we started moving, we warmed up quickly. On the return trip it had warmed up to the high 50s.

There are four bridges across the various creeks on this hike. Only one of the four could be crossed. With effort we were able to find a way to cross the creek at the first and fourth bridges. The third bridge required going about 100 feet up steam to find a crossing point. It wasn’t that the creek had deep water, the sides to the creek were steep. With a lot of team work we all completed the hike.

For those that have not done this hike. It requires a good bit of technical hiking skills, although it is not a hard hike and beginners should not be on this hike.

We stopped at the top of the falls, had an enjoyable lunch, and returned to the parking lot.

Unfortunately, upon our return to the parking lot we found George’s back passenger window on his truck was broken. We waited with him for the police to arrive.

Below is the line from Joseph Perkins and Joyce: