Sun, Mar 19 2023 - Riverside Park onto the Boardwalk (Beginners Welcome) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Gloria Colley, Kian, Lee W, Shirley W, Claudia, Ann C., Amy, Suzy McDonald, Desi, Sue, Pat D, Mike C, Rocky M, Jeanne

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Write Up:

What a beautiful afternoon to celebrate Gloria's 500th AOC event. We had a relaxing walk to the boardwalk on Azalea Drive, and we had several ladies on the event that hadn't hiked with us in forever! Jeanne, Suzy, Sue, and Desi joined us, and Pat was a brand new member! How nice to see all of them.

I think Gloria was well feted after the hike. The group stayed together for quite a while enjoying the treats brought for the celebration. (Special thanks to Shirley and Lee for the delicious Godiva chocolates!)

Congratulations on completing your 500th event today, Gloria. I think we all enjoyed the afternoon.

Lee added a lot of great photos to the album. Plus, he created a RELIVE app video which can be viewed at

~ Joyce