Mon, Mar 27 2023 - Monday - Cheatham Hill Section of Kennesaw Battlefield -- DELAYED START TIME (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., George B, Shirley W, Lee W, Gerrilyn, Claudia, Mike C, Joan Kraft, Jennifer W, Neil, Barbara L., Allan S

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Write Up:

We lost several folks by delaying the hike for an hour, but the time changed worked beautifully. The rain had passed when we started the hike, and we ended in bright sunshine. The trails were mighty wet, but with waterproof boots, they weren't a problem.

We were delighted to find that the new bathrooms were open . . . at least the men's side. No reluctance on our part for the ladies to make use of the men's bathroom!

We saw a herd of deer during our hike, and counted 7 or even 8 of the beautiful animals. They were busily feeding and didn't seem bothered by our passing.

We welcomed Joan into the AOC. Today was just her second event, and her first real hike. She did just fine.

Mike provided a lot of park information as we took a counter-clockwise direction around the Kolb Farm loop. I think our pace must have been a little faster than I had planned. Even with stops along the way, we covered 5.5 miles in two hours; but no one complained (perhaps because they were out of breath!).

Lee took some great pictures which have been added to the album. He also made a RELIVE video which can be seen at

~ Joyce