Sun, Apr 2 2023 - Riverside Park onto the Boardwalk - Sunday Afternoon (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Rocky M, Claudia, Amy, Lee W, Shirley W, Dan R, Sue M., Hannah, Nancy Perry, Myra Tolbert, Desi, Diane, Gary 'L', Joyce D

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Write Up:

It's nice to have a newbie on a hike; two are even better; but THREE newbies make the hike extra special, and that's what we had today. Welcome to the AOC, Myra, Diane, and Joyce D. Also, welcome back to Nancy and Desi (with Minnie).

We had a beautiful afternoon for our boardwalk hike, and lots of people must have felt the same, because the boardwalk and the park were really crowded. We enjoyed out walk and saw lots of interesting things: A Great Blue Heron, a nesting goose, a turtle, geese on the water, a black duck, kayakers, and a stand-up paddle boarder.

Thanks to Lee for the photos he added to the album. He always embellishes my album well. ~ Joyce