Mon, Apr 10 2023 - Monday Morning on the Homestead Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Holt Ward, DanR, Rocky M, George B, Lee W, Shirley W, Sherrie G, Claudia, Linda H, Evy, Karen, Shirley N, Dan C, Wade Vann

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Write Up:

Another beautiful weather day for the records. How nice it is to be outside in the early spring a couple of days after a heavy rainfall. The air it so fresh. It makes fighting the pollen allergies worth it.

After making our introductions and taking several group photos to commemorate Dan Rich's 100th AOC event, Holt lead us through the Homestead Trail at what most would call a pretty "healthy" pace!

We did stop along the way for some photos, and many of the group gathered at a picnic table behind the Visitor Center to eat the lunches we brought. What a nice way to end a hike!

Congratulations, Dan R.! I hope to see you on your 200th!

Thanks to Rocky for taking the group photos, and to Lee for all the photos he added to the album. Unfortunately, Lee's RELIVE video doesn't cover the final mile of the hike, but there are certainly enough photos to make it an enjoyable capture of our event. Check it out at

~ Joyce