Tue, May 9 2023 - Roswell Duo w/ Vickery Creek to Allenbrook Trail Loop-around (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Memphis Russ, Joyce T.
Participants:Memphis Russ, Richard Sims, Joyce T., Marina, George B, Bonnie R, Gerrilyn, Lauri Fellman, Mary Reed, Phil Calvert

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Write Up:

What a great day for a hike through Vickery Creek and Allenbrook! We were slow at first while Russ took photos and made Phil feel like a movie star with all of his photos of him along the way. Russ pulled a surprise by taking the walk up the hill (to the parking lot) as a way to get to the dam! It was certainly a warm-up hill!

On our way to the dam, we came upon a snapping turtle on the trail. It was bleeding at the back of its shell, so it had sustained some type of minor injury. Those turtles look fierce - - and they are. They can stretch their necks all the way to the back of their shell, so if you try to pick one up, you can get a serious bite. They also have very sharp claws on their strong legs. We took pictures and got out of its way.

We saw two rat snakes today and a pretty, solitary goose on the water. I was picture-worthy, but certainly not as much as Bleau would have been.

Our hike through Allenbrook was a little challenging because of the overgrowth of poison ivy and the wet rocks alongside the cliff. The group all got up to the top without mishap, thanks to the helping hands from George and Richard.

On our way into Vickery Creek from Allenbrook, we came upon Dave Thomas (CRNRA head of Volunteers) and a lot of Roswell Firemen. They hiked up from the cliffs. We asked why they were there, and Dave said someone fell from the cliffs recently and died. They want to find a way to close access to the cliffs because they're so dangerous to cross.

We hiked 5.7 miles despite all the stops today, so when we were moving, we moved fast!

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~ Joyce