Thu, May 25 2023 - Nine Years of our Thursday Morning Hikes at Island Ford!! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Memphis Russ, Laurie M, Scott W, Doug, Mike C, Marina, Belinda, Michelle D, Richard Sims, Marilyn Arkin, regina k, Staci, Rich

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Write Up:

It certainly felt like a family reunion to have some of the renegades greet us in the parking lot before the hike. (Dan C., Dan R., Steve S., and Barry. P.) What a nice surprise. We had two original Thursday morning hikers with us today (Doug and Mike C.) and we had Staci, a brand new member. Talk about variety! It was great to have Michelle on the hike after 7 months, and how nice for Regina and Marilyn, tennis friends from ages ago, to see each other today.

Belinda and Michelle talked their way to first place up the warm-up hill without any challengers. (David W. is preparing for his trip to Croatia, so he wasn't a contender.)

We saw turtles, Bleau, and a few deer today as well as our canine friends, Bailey and Boom Boom.

Many thanks to Richard and Barry for bringing cookies today, and a big thank you to Steve F. who brought a sheet cake for our lunch dessert. It was a very special day! ~ Joyce