Mon, May 22 2023 - Monday Morning at Vickery Creek - Groveway Park Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Claudia, Rocky M, Drew W, Trevor W, Donna P, Lori B, Gerrilyn, Jan T, Rich, Kian, David W., Mike C

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Write Up:

It was a beautiful morning for our Monday morning hike . . . dry, moderate, and breezy. I wanted to take the group to the two trail closures on each side of the cliff trail to see the work that the CRNRA volunteers completed. What a great job they did! The trails were thoroughly blocked off.

We were excited to spot Bleau on the creek near the bottom of the Covered Bridge. He was intently checking the water for his mid-day meal.

We covered some extra distance today - - about 5.8 miles. Nice that no one complained!

Thanks to Rocky for the group photo. ~ Joyce