Fri, Jun 2 2023 - Gimpolicious at Roswell Area Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Claudia, Marianna, Courtney, Joyce T., Lee W, Shirley W

Write Up:

Well, it wasn't my typical full moon NIGHT hike (against doctors orders :) but I did see the Strawberry Moon rising on the way home - now it just needs to bring us some healing energy and peace! Enuf of this crazy stuff.

As mentioned last week, I kinda like these recovery hikes, I get to meet all sorts of new members, hike with old friends as well, and we can actually chat a bit...a bit about birds, injuries, family, up-coming trips, new adventures in the works and just life. Good times, minus the actual injuries.

My STRAVA app said I had 5.11 today...which is hilarous AGAIN, since the exact same route last Friday was was a great "brisk" walk.

Thanks for keeping me motivated y'all!

AOC recovery walk #9 | Walk | Strava 

Baby Cardinal progress photo (as mentioned during the walk today)