Sun, Nov 19 2023 - Stop and Smell the Roses - Iron Hill Lakeside Loop Trail at Red Top Mountain State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Claudia, Joyce T., Lee W, Shirley W, Rocky M, Rachel J, Joe Regester, Ed

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Write Up:

We met briefly at the Trading Post and caravanned to the Iron Hill Trail Parking Lot. Initially we had concerns about there being enough parking spaces. Then we found a new parking lot at the end of the parking lot we had been parking in that is about twice the size of the old parking lot.

We did introductions at the end of the parking lot and walked to the new trail head. We started at the parking lot then hiked in a clockwise direction stopping at two spurs to walk to the shoreline and could not help but notice how low the water level was. Along some of the exposed shoreline you could see grass had started growing. We stopped for a group picture at the old Iron Hill mine. Our next stop was the old campgrounds. As we hiked the trail going to the campgrounds, we passed a group during Emergency Rescue Training with K9s. They told us the campgrounds we closed in 1970 and moved to their current location at the expense of putting in a sewage system. Up to that point the sewage was dumped into the lake. The trail/road continued to the old bathrooms then ended. I continued on what I thought was the old road or rather though the old campground until we got back to the trail after one wrong turn. From here we hiked along the shoreline for a couple of hundred feet and returned to the parking lot.

The temperature was great for hiking with most of us delayering during the hike. I was asked where the Roses were. Replying maybe I should change the name of the hike to Stop and Smell the Sweat.

I would like to thank Joe for joining us on his second Hike and Rachel for joining us on her sixth hike. Thanks to the rest of the members for making our new members feel welcome.

This was not one of my better picture days.