Sat, Feb 10 2024 - KMNBP Workday - Southern End of the Hardage Mill Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Tom W, Joyce T., John C, Ed

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Write Up:

We met at the end of the Pigeon Hill Parking Lot Parking Lot where we did a safety brief and reviewed the work. Our project was to remove five sets of double stacked 4*4s that hikes were going around and reposition them to stop the erosion that was being caused by hikers going around them. The downside of this project was that we had to hike about two miles to the worksite. We only had to carry the tools about half a mile thanks to a pickup truck dropping them off as close as it could get to the worksite. We worked with some Kennesaw State University and Hillgrove High School’s JROTC kids. Altoona High School’s JROTC unit and Etowah High School’s Eagle Service Connection Club worked with the other fixing the erosion on the Noses Creek Trail south of the Noses Creek Bridge.The temperature was great for doing trail maintenance and the rain, really a light sprinkle, did not start until we got back to the parking lot.

Welcome to Tom for joining us for his second AOC event.