Sat, Mar 30 2024 - Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allston, Sue M.
Participants:Sue M., Joyce T., Christina, Claudia, Harry F, Gloria Colley, Marty, Lynn, Jonny, Ann, Allston, Jennifer Miles, Anthony, David W., Gary G, Tricia S., Denise, April, Beth S, Gabe L, Safa, Dan, Lori B, Robin Walling, Greg Walling, Bill B

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Write Up:

Today's tour of Noah's Ark was a very successful event! Members were asked to bring donations of food for the animals as well as monetary contributions to help the sanctuary with their efforts to help animals that had been neglected, abused, and abandoned. Our 26 members brought a carload of food and donated $1,600 to Noah's Ark. (That averaged $61.53 per person!) Needless to say, Sue (who organized the event) was very grateful to the members, and the Noah's Ark personnel were thrilled with our help.

The weather couldn't have been better for our tour of the facility. Cool and sunny! Our tour took over two hours, but we walked only about a mile and a half. We got a ton of information on the animals and the work done by Noah's Ark.

Sadly, regulations have changed, and our group had to stay behind two fences that guarded the predators. This made it impossible to get photos without a fence in front of the animals.

Over half the group stayed for a picnic lunch after the tour, which made for a very nice ending to our visit.

Sue did a fantastic job on this event, and Noah's Ark is very happy with the Atlanta Outdoor Club! ~ Joyce