Sun, May 26 2024 - Decatur cemetery and surroundings, and optional refreshments, NEW TIME (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck M
Participants:Chuck M, Claire D., Aaron Lee, Caitlin Stark, Joan Kraft, Dolores H, Joyce T., Sue M., Lee W, Gavin F, Craig D, Adele D

Write Up:

We had a great group of 12 hikers for our walk around Decatur, featuring the historic Decatur Cemetery, this morning. We welcomed three new AOC members who are still in single-digits! We spent time seeing highlights of the Decatur Cemetery and also walked through parts of the Old Sycamore, Glennwood Estates, Clairemont, Great Lakes, Vidal/Lamont, and Coventry neighborhoods before heading back toward the Decatur Square. Some of us enjoyed a post-hike breakfast at Pastries-A-Go-Go. A very nice hike!

Thanks to Joyce T for the photos:

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