Mon, Jun 10 2024 - Monday Morning at Vickery Creek - Groveway Park Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Suzanne, Barbara, Mike C, Luisa Sztern, Lyn S, Marianna, James H., Shirley W, Lee W, Jan T, Fran, Joan Kraft, Kathleen R

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Write Up:

What a great celebration we had for Suzanne today to commemorate her huge milestone of hiking with the AOC. Before our hike ended, Suzanne was surprised by a group of her Wednesday hiking buddies who intercepted us on the trail to congratulate her with posters. The surprise went off flawlessly, and her group (Doug H., Pam W., Jane, and Debra W.) made Suzanne very, very happy. The group tagged along as we finished our hike, and they joined us (with offerings!) for our tailgate party.

Lee made a video of our event, plus he added a bunch of pictures to the album. (Check out Lee's Relive video at ). Mike C. also took pictures which will be added to the album. A lot of pictures, but for a very worthy occasion.

Sadly, Suzanne had a fall at home last night (it was dark in the room) and hit her eye and other parts on some furniture. She had a big shiner on her left eye, but being the trooper that she is, she came for the hike this morning anyway.

Suzanne is just the 6th member to reach 1000 events. Others are Charlie, Ann H., Susan F., Sue M., and I.~ Joyce