Sun, Jul 4 2010 - Summit Sunset Series #6 - Blood Mountain Fourth of July picnic and fireworks (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Al Z., Tony C, Steven Redmond
Participants:Tony C, Jon Miner, Al Z., Alan Seitman, Jeff, Wyi, Alfred Y, Kim S, Bill S, voimama, CatherineB, bshelby1970, Beth S, Katie C, Steven Redmond

Write Up:
Yes that was good....we had unseasonably mild weather for this one to begin with...temp was 74 degrees at the trailhead and cooler on the top of Blood Mtn.   We got a pretty good sunset...although it set so far to the north this time of year that we couldn't watch it at the usual spot from near the shelter..but we improvised and it worked out.  

However, the quesitonable part of this event was the fireworks and they came through big time.  We could see no less than 10 different fireworks shows going on to the south...the closest ones were Amicalola and perhaps Dahlonega.  But we could see another going off just over a nearby ridgeline..and many farther out in the distance in every direction..some on the horizon (Lenox?  St Mtn?) and some closer in. 

After we enjoyed this, we did some stargazing....the moon wasn't up and the air was pretty clear for a summer night.  We could make out the Milky Way and a few constellations and planets. It was a long hike down and drive back...but so worth it and we'll definitely plan on doing this one again next year.