Sat, Mar 19 2005 - Providence Canyon Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Heather Gatcombe, Kiran Puttaswamy, Gillian Wu, Don Hayes, David Weider, Kristin McDermott , Kelly Licht, Antoinette, James M Storey, Kyle D. Barrow, Jacquelyn, Udo Licht, Sara Jacenko, Caitlin Stark, Denice,

Write Up:
It was a cold morning at the top of the Sandy Springs MARTA station, we had 9 people with 3 no shows, we decided to car pool in 2 cars, My car and Dons Car, we communicated to each other via my radio... we took a short pit sop at exit 34 on I-185, we arrived at the park at 11:00am, 2 other AOC member was waiting for us at the park, at the park it was quite warm and sunny (60F-70F), we explored the bottom of the canyon first, we explored all 9 area, the scenery was quite surreal, it welt like I was in another world, everyone looked like they were enjoying the scenery, I often heard wow.. its so beautiful, after exploring the bottom of the canyon, we hiked about 1/2 mile in the river bed (it was only 1-2 inches deep), it was quite an awsome experience hiking in shallow water... after the river bed, we started hiking in the wilderness area, there were some evidence of Armadillo, but we couldnt find one on the trail, we took out snack break at the stop sign, beyond the stop sign is the property of Georgia Hunting Club, we all sat in between 2 canyons (about 15 feet of space), after the snack break, we hiked down the canyon, we so a foot print of a deer but the deer was actually using the same trail as we did. we had a short log crossing, a brief excitement on the trail, and we started hiking back up to the top of the canyon, we often stopped for the breath taking views of the canyon, we came across an abandoned cars, were trees were growing through them... We were tickled to get to do this hike on a such a beautiful warm day. After the hike some of us went to Canton Cooks in Sandy Springs, for a delicious chinese dinner. See you on the next hike, Susumu
Written By: Susumu Komatsu
Photos From: Susumu Komatsu