Wed, Oct 31 2001 - Haunted House Tour (View Original Event Details)

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Talk about a wonderful evening... We met at the Haunted House at 7:30. We stood in line, chatted, looked in hearse windows and got to talk to an ogre or two until it was our turn to enter the Netherworld. We entered a dark, somewhat spooky hallway that was filled with ghostly fog. Periodically, Stacia would scream to let us know that she was still okay at the front of the line. One of the coolest things was a bridge that went through a spinning tunnel. You felt like you were being turned almost upside down. There were a lot of zombies wandering around. One of the zombies blew in Phils ear and several wanted to take Stacia home. After touring the house, we all went to Fuzzys place for a beer and a laugh.
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